Each costume is made up of 8 EL wires remote-controlled over a wireless Zigbee network and designed on a MIDI track in Ableton Live.
This multidisciplinary project was a nice opportunity to create synergies with a large amount of experts in many diverse fields!
Dancers, stylists, electronics engineers, musical producers and many others contributed to this and Ohme thanks them all.

– Project manager: Raoul Sommeillier
– Technology and engineering: Raoul Sommeillier & Maxime Looverie
– Costume design: Mélissa Mana
– Costume production: Malorie Fauconnier, Valentine Hogge, Camilla Colombo, Céline Cauwert, Nicolas Klimis, Maxime Gravet, Jean Rosenfeld, Rémi Genon & Raoul Sommeillier
– Choreography: Gabrielle Michaux & Thomas Defoin
– Dancers: Camille Collard, Céline Paula, Natacha Nabet, Jérémie Kamay Mpoyo & Hossine Maghfour
– Aftermovie: Kradukman production (Guillaume Dauphin) & Gabba production (Gilles Bastin)
– Sound mix and MIDI encoding: Thomas Defoin, Gabrielle Michaux & Raoul Sommeillier
– Tracks: Usher – Yeah, Eva Simone – Guaya, Malaa – Notorious, Worakls – Question Réponse, Rihanna (Royal Family Remix) – Bitch Better Have My Money
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