OHME curates, creates and produces innovative contents at the nexus of Arts and Sciences.

Through collaborative practices, OHME experiments, support and realise installations, performances, conferences and events presenting artsci content in accessible, educational and interactive formats.

We are engineers, creative producers, lateral thinkers.

We engage with established and emerging artists, scientists and researchers, professors and students.

We build bridges to redefine the boundaries between artistic and scientific disciplines.

We want to stimulate artistic expressions inspired by sciences, to initiate cultural initiatives raising awareness about sciences and arts among the most different audiences and to take part in societal debates by proposing unexpected perspectives.

Nicolas Klimis – Co-founder and Development Director

Raoul Sommeillier – Co-founder and Academic Projects Director

Camilla Colombo – Co-founder and Artistic Director

Maxime Gravet – Co-founder and R&D Director

Valentine Hogge – Administration and Finance

Gwenaël Sauvage – Associate Producer