Founded in 2017 by a team of engineers and cultural professionals, Ohme is a Brussels-based ArtScience production, research and education organisation. It is divided into three poles:

Ohme Studio a production company that develops installations, performances, events and exhibitions, and accompanies artists in the development of their projects.

Ohme Academia an educational and research institute that develops academic programmes and encourages transdisciplinary research between art and science.

Ohme Lab an R&D centre that develops technologies and offers design, prototyping and manufacturing services for artists and designers.

Ohme investigates the boundaries between artistic and scientific disciplines, contributing to the development of new conceptions of interdisciplinarity, with a keen interest in co-creation, knowledge sharing, research and the breaking down of barriers between disciplines, mentalities and audiences. This involves exploring new practices of scientific mediation, artistic creation and innovation, through collaborative and transdisciplinary practices.

Bringing together established and emerging artists, scientists, researchers and students, Ohme produces artscience projects and coordinates academic programmes on a variety of topics, from physics to music, from neuroscience to digital arts, from design to social sciences.

Moving from the visual arts to the performing arts, from the natural sciences to the humanities, Ohme’s initiatives are transversal and attempt to question our relationship to societal issues, in the light of the arts, the sciences and their pluralism and synergy.