Master Theses

Master Theses and Internships at Ohme

In partnership with academic research departments, artists and designers, we define master theses and projects’ subjects for students in various scientific fields.

We invite students in science and engineering to collaborate with artists and designers for their master thesis project. In this way, we offer to the students an engaging, hands-on subject for their thesis, while discovering potential new applications of their studies, going “off the rails” of their course of study and think creatively. At the same time, artists and designer get the opportunity to receive technical help and support for their creations.

Our aim is to offer to master students the opportunity to be involved in a collaborative, interdisciplinary and inspiring project which both contributes to the development of new scientific knowledge and has a useful and concrete impact on our society and on the artistic collaborators’ activities. Such collaborative research projects also support one Ohme’s fundamental mission: taking science out of the labs and creativity out of the studios, to bring them at the meeting point of knowledge sharing.

We hope this innovative and stimulating way to experience master studies will open the door to interesting transdisciplinary interactions, to fruitful collaboration and to new ways of thinking about the world among involved artists and future engineers and scientists.

The Ohme’s Master Thesis subjects for the academic year 2020-21 will be published at the end of April 2020.