For schools

You are a teacher in primary, secondary or high education, a school principal and like us, you’re convinced that culture, art and sciences are fundamental to children’s and teens’ growth?

The majority of Ohme Studio‘s projects are conceived to be adapted to young audiences.

If you have a quirky idea of pedagogical and playful school activities at the nexus of artistic practices, scientific creativity, technologies and/or societal challenges; if you need a partner to carry this idea a step further, to build and fund a meaningful project for your pupils and students, Ohme can help.

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact Raoul at raoul(at)

For corporate

You are a company, a non-profit organisation, a NGO?

You are looking for an original mediation of complex content for an event, a meeting, a training?

Due to its strong network of artistic and scientific collaborators, Ohme has a valuable experience in the explanation of varied contents to the general public thanks to artistic components and renowned mediators.

You are looking for a team-building?

Ohme proposes you group activities around the ArtScience field to break the ice or to enhance already existing relationships!

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact Gwen at gwen(at)



For funders and sponsors

You are  interested in Ohme’s activities and would like to support us in a way or another? 

You want to help Ohme to develop new projects and enforce its role in the ArtScience scene?

Ohme always emphasizes the primordial role of its partners in every project!

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact Gwen at

For scientists

Are you looking for being part of the creation of high-quality ArtScience outputs? For developing innovative ways to diffuse scientific knowledge thanks to strong artistic collaborators?

By leading you to the right artistic partner and by facilitating your work throughout the project, Ohme will allow you to explore an original path of teaching and spreading scientific contents.

Accumulating experience since 2017 , Ohme can help you at every step of development : fixing ideas, fundraising, consulting, logistics, promoting… as well as spreading your final output among our broad network of cultural operators and academic institutions.

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact Raoul at raoul(at)

For cultural institutions

Are you a curator, a programmer, a cultural institution, a festival? 

Are you looking for an Artscience exhibition, installation, performance, artwork to take place in your venue? 

Being a node between artistic and scientific fields and thanks to its knowledge in Artscience diffusion, Ohme proposes its curation service in the Belgian and European scenes. Ohme aims at matching all the contributors to develop high quality ArtScience outputs.

Are you looking for a high-quality mediation of an existing project?

Along its own or in partnership activities, Ohme always emphasizes the importance of a high-quality mediation. Our experience allows us to find the right balance between artistic interpretation and scientific divulgation. This baseline is enhanced by Ohme’s multiple partners providing highly-qualified mediators.

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact Nicolas at nicolas(at)

For artists

Do you have an idea, but not sure how to get there? Are you looking for scientific collaborators for your projects? Would you like to develop your work with strong scientific partners? Would you like to have a chat about technical aspects, insights and inspiration?

By leading you to the right scientific partner and facilitating your work throughout the project, Ohme can help you at each step, clearing ideas, fundraising, consulting, producing, promoting… 

Need more information? Contact Camilla at camilla(at)