THINK EAT : Audiogids (NL)

THINK EAT : Audiogids (NL)


Concept: Ohme Production & Curation: Sarah Aucagos

Production & Development: Nicolas Klimis

Scenography: Studio Marie Douel

Design & Production Assistant: Flore Fockedey

Structure realisation: GSF Events

Translations: Iso Translation & Publishing

Graphic design: Éma September

Printing: TAVU

Voices Audioguide FR: David Scarpuzza et Alice d’Hauwe

Sound Audioguide FR: Thomas Raa

Voices + Sound Audioguide NL: Jan Ducheyne et Emma Ducheyne

THINK EAT: Urban Alternatives is an exhibition conceived and produced by Ohme, in collaboration with BIGH and Inforsciences.