Light Dance Performance

IInitially commissioned by La Revue de l’ULB, the production of EL wires suits for a light and dance show was the first Ohme’s experiment in this 100% self-produced direction. This multidisciplinary project was a nice opportunity to create synergies with a large number of experts in many diverse fields: many people with various expertises (dancers, stylists, electronics engineers, musical producers, coders, choreographers, etc) have been involved.
Each costume is made up of 8 EL wires remote-controlled over a wireless Zigbee network and designed on a MIDI track in Ableton Live.
The used technologies make this performance very modular and adaptable to many contexts. It has been performed in educational situations or tech fairs as well as for celebrations or charitable events.

– Project management: Raoul Sommeillier
– Technology & engineering: Raoul Sommeillier & Maxime Looverie
– Costume design: Mélissa Mana
– Costume production: Malorie Fauconnier, Valentine Hogge, Camilla Colombo, Céline Cauwert, Nicolas Klimis, Maxime Gravet, Jean Rosenfeld, Rémi Genon & Raoul Sommeillier
– Choreography: Gabrielle Michaux & Thomas Defoin
– Dancers: Camille Collard, Céline Paula, Natacha Nabet, Jérémie Kamay Mpoyo & Hossine Maghfour
– Aftermovie: Kradukman production (Guillaume Dauphin) & Gabba production (Gilles Bastin)
– Sound mix and MIDI encoding: Thomas Defoin, Gabrielle Michaux & Raoul Sommeillier
– Tracks: Usher – Yeah, Eva Simone – Guaya, Malaa – Notorious, Worakls – Question Réponse, Rihanna (Royal Family Remix) – Bitch Better Have My Money

La Revue de l’ULB | 28 February 2019 (Première)
Université des Enfants | 26 May 2019
Relais pour la Vie BXL | 12 October 2019