Sine is an interactive audiovisual lecture-performance illustrating, from the point of view of the physicist and the musician, the way in which electronic music producers envision sound and compose music.
Starting from a simple sine, the lecture performance elaborates on sound physics, synthesis and electronic music production. Four members of the public, randomly picked, are invited on stage to interact and play along during the whole performance. 

Sine articulates in three main parts. In the first part, starting from a simple sine wave, we explain step by step how we could sum these waves, filter them, manipulate them in order to achieve the 3 main sounds used in the composition of electronic music: kick, the snare and hi-hat. The explanations are carried out step by step, and each time are illustrated by examples where the public can take control of a sound parameter to illustrate its properties in the genesis of sound.

Once the different sounds and basic effects are illustrated and presented, the show enters a more musical phase, culminating in a guitar hero style game leading to final composition during which the public has the opportunity to apply effects and create music together.

Sine is a creation by François Gaspard, engineer and musician, and Boris Wilmot, motion graphic designer and digital artist.

Concept: François Gaspard & Boris Wilmot
Visuals: Boris Wilmot
Music: François Gaspard
Educational content: François Gaspard
Controller design and production: Shakmat & Aiko Design
Lighting design: KMCréations
Consultant in writing and directing: David Scarpuzza


Nuits Sonores Brussels | Pilar | 16 October 2022
Perspectives Satellite Programme | Halles St Géry | 3 December 2021
Order of Operations | Bozar | June-July 2021
Les Garages Numériques Festival | La Bourse / De Beurs | 9 November 2019
Printemps des Science 2019 | 22 March 2019
MTC Music & Technology Corner | Brussels Electronic Marathon BEM 2018 | 13 October 2018
Bozar Lab | 21 – 25 March 2018 (Première)

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Produced by Ohme with the support of Innoviris, Féderation Wallonie-Bruxelles, Bozar Lab and Pilar.