Sine is an interactive audiovisual lecture-performance illustrating, from the point of view of the physicist and the musician, the way in which electronic music producers envision sound and compose music.
Starting from a simple sine, the lecture performance elaborates on sound physics, synthesis and electronic music production. The public participates in scientific explanations and composes music in a collaborative way via an individual controller, designed and produced specifically for the show.

Sine articulates in three main parts. In the first part, starting from a simple sine wave, we explain step by step how we could sum these waves, filter them, manipulate them in order to achieve the 3 main sounds used in the composition of electronic music: kick, the snare and hi-hat. The explanations are carried out step by step, and each time are illustrated by examples where the public can take control of a sound parameter to illustrate its properties in the genesis of sound.
Once the different sounds and basic effects are illustrated and presented, the public enters a more musical phase by participating in a collective sequencer. The audience collectively chooses – with the help of their controllers – the rhythmic pattern of their composition (kick, snare and hi-hat), as well as the melody used.
This phase ends with a final composition during which the public has the opportunity to apply effects and create music together.

Sine is the product of an artistic-scientific residency between François Gaspard, engineer and musician, and Boris Wilmot, motion graphic designer and digital artist.


Conception and realisation: François Gaspard & Boris Wilmot
Visuals: Boris Wilmot
Pedagogy: François Gaspard
Controllers design & realisation: Steve Hackx

Coproduced by BOZAR Lab

Bozar Lab | 21 – 25 March 2018 (Première)
MTC Music & Technology Corner | Brussels Electronic Marathon BEM 2018 | 13 October 2018
Printemps des Science 2019 | 22 March 2019
Les Garages Numériques Festival | La Bourse / De Beurs | 9 November 2019
Order of Operations | Bozar | June-July 2021
Perspectives Satellite Programme | Halles St Géry | 3 December 2021

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