STEAM Conferences

Smells Like STEAM Spirit is a cycle of lectures and panel talks presenting a selection exciting projects at the nexus of arts, science, technology and industry.

STEAM is for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics.

Internationally renowned lecturers and organisations introduced the audience to a myriad of art & engineering projects. From bio-adaptive architecture to gesture control in video gaming, from multisensory experiences to joint arts-science research studies. The cycle includes four conferences around various topics.



Designing sounds to enhance tasting experiences
with Felipe Reinoso Carvalho

Biomimicry in architecture

Biomimicry as a driving force for aesthetics, innovation and sustainable architecture
with Steven Ware (Art&Build)

Selected arts&science projects

International and collaborative art & science projects by Ars Electronica, BOZAR and Gluon
with Paul Dujardin, Veronika Liebl, Christophe De Jaeger & Michel Tombroff

How depthsensing impacts our world

The present and future of depthsensing in gaming and arts
with Ward van der Tempel & Christopher Littlefair (Sony Depthsensing Solutions)

Smells Like STEAM Spirit has been commissioned by the Alumni Association of the École polytechnique de Bruxelles and took place between March and May 2018.