Colorillon | Adrien Lucca

Colorillon explores the connection between sound, light and movement. This relationship allows the instrument created, a carillon made up of 8 hollow aluminium tubes, to change appearance and colour on its own, depending on the sound it produces.

Each tube of the carillon has been calibrated according to a resonance formula. It is then struck by percussion solenoids. This system produces a whole range of sounds. A real-time sound capture, acquisition and analysis system then takes over, identifying the events and frequencies of the sounds produced by the carillon.

The result is sound characteristics such as volume modulations, percussive or harmonic content, or frequency beat, all of which are used to drive hyperspectral lamps developed by Adrien Lucca. These devices use subtle modifications to the spectral content of the light to change the colour of objects without changing the perceived colour of the light beam.

These lamps are controlled by a nanocomputer that transforms the sound characteristics into light spectrum control signals, creating dynamic transitions in the colour gamut and thus changing the appearance of the instrument.


Conception: Adrien Lucca, Ohme
Light synthesiser and programmed painting: Adrien Lucca
Engineering and technical development: François Bronchart, Raoul Sommeillier, Loïc Vanhecke (Ohme Lab)
Mechanical structure : Mathieu Zurstrassen
Co-production : Ohme and Studio Adrien Lucca

Presented at:
The Colour Shifts, LaVallée (Brussels) – 02.02 > 02.03.2024

Co-produced by Ohme in the framework of Ohme’s artistic residencies programme, supported by Innoviris and the Commission Arts Numériques de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.