Hack a factory

Hack a factory | Mekanika

An interaction performance about our daily objects

Hacking, the practice of dissecting (or cutting – to hack) a system to better understand it and possibly modify it, is at the centre of new DIY (Do It Yourself), maker and prototyping movements in general. Hacking is also a way of thinking, of designing, used frequently in industrial design.

Hack a Factory is an interactive performance inviting the participants to be at the centre of an active experience reproducing the manufacturing processes of a factory.

How do materials are processed to become objects? How does an industrial chain work, from molding to packaging? By breaking down industrial processes, Hack a Factory is a ludic experience that unveils the behind the scenes of production while informing about chemistry, technology and the impact of mass production.

Hack a Factory is the product of an artistic-scientific residency between Maxime Gravet, engineer in mechatronics and Martin Duchêne, industrial designer.


Conception and realisation: Maxime Gravet & Martin Duchene
Engineering & narrative: Maxime Gravet
Design & narrative: Martin Duchene
Stage assistant: Audrey Gravet

Presentation: Printemps des Science (ULB) 21-25 March 2018