Spotlies is conceived as a warning against oversimplifications, lack of knowledge, bad faith or misinterpretation that can transform statistical visualisations, to the point of radically changing their meaning.

Data is essential information to objectivise situations, communicate scientific facts, support our opinions and guide our decisions. Numbers do not lie. But the ways they are collected, represented and interpreted introduce an element of subjectivity that can distort the reality of the facts, alter our reasoning and mislead our judgement.

Through a series of three recognisable situations, reminiscents of animation films sets, short stories come to life thanks to a layer of microprojections animating the scenes. 

These scenarios tell short stories we all know: the evening news, a politician’s speech, a youtuber’s video content. They all support their arguments with graphic representations that can deceive their audience. A heterodiegetic character then comments on the scenes to point out errors in data visualisation and share some tips on how to spot the lies.  

In a post-pandemic world, data, infographics and numbers have entered our daily lives. Faced with this information overload, how can we all develop mental tools to sharpen our critical thinking skills?


Yannick Jacquet (1980) is a video artist, scenographer and visual artist whose practice puts technologies at the service of the human being.

Bots Conspiracy is a Brussels-based artists collective composed of the brothers Manu and Laurent Talbot, working across a variety of disciplines including film, dance, theatre and digital arts.

Original concept & scientific direction: Raoul Sommeillier (Ohme)
Artistic direction: Camilla Colombo (Ohme) & Yannick Jacquet
Visuals: Yannick Jacquet
Videomapping: Yannick Jacquet & Manu Talbot (Bots Conspiracy)
Animation, mechanics, electronics & coding: Manu Talbot (Bots Conspiracy)
Video editing, Sound design, 3D design & scenery : Laurent Talbot (Bots Conspiracy)
Voices: David Scarpuzza & Alice D’Hauwe
Video recording: Estefania Huygen (LaRégieTV)
Special thanks to Crafteke

Presented at:
Tell All The Truth But Tell It Slant —, Face B | 25 May – 9 July 2023

Spotlies is produced by Ohme

Supported by Innoviris