Tales of Entropy

Tales of Entropy stages the irresistible beauty and the poetry of an organic compound changing its physical state in a thermal gradient, under polarized light. As the thermodynamic conditions evolve, the compound gradually evolves from crystal, to liquid-crystal, to liquid, before recrystallisation and re- orientations, displaying striking color patterns with a profound dramatic effect. The choreography of matter on this video happens live over the space of 1mm of the entire sample.

 This recording of the first iteration at Pilar brings together live microscopic images from Guillaume Schweicher with the deep and emotional ambient soundscapes of Brussels-based artist Juanita, under the artistic direction of Nicolas Klimis.


Conception and realisation: Guillaume Schweicher, Nicolas Klimis

Music : First iteration, Juanita | Second iteration, Boho Strings | Third iteration, Romeo Poirier

Coproduced by the Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères (ULB)


First iteration: Pilar ASAP – OHME Unframed: Fluidity Edition | 23 October 2020 

Second iteration: La Vallée, Brussels | 15th May 2021

Third iteration: I Love Science Festival, Brussels | 16 – 17 October 2021

                       Museum Night Fever, Halles St Géry, Brussels | 23 October 2021