THINK EAT : urban alternatives

THINK EAT : urban alternatives

THINK EAT: Urban Alternatives is an artistic-scientific exhibition on the future of food in the city, presented at the BIGH, Europe’s largest suspended farm.

Through this exhibition, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and citizens are invited to reflect on sustainable ways of urban production and consumption. Today, almost half of humanity, or 3.5 billion people, live in cities, putting food systems under pressure.

However, scenarios to compensate for urban demographic pressure do exist and cities therefore appear to be a space of transition. Faced with the climate emergency and the impact generated by the agri-food system, many sustainable models are possible.

But how does the urban transition take place? Can we get out of our food conditioning, reshape the way we produce and consume? In other words, how will we eat in the city tomorrow?

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Karolina Sulich | Saša Spačal | Stanisław Łoboziak | Bigh Anderlecht | Copernicus Science Center | ECLO | le Champignon de Bruxelles | CidéSol | ValueBugs | Kriket | Smart Gastronomy Lab | ULiège Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech |


Concept: Ohme 
Production & Curation: Sarah Aucagos
Production & Development: Nicolas Klimis
Scenography: Studio Marie Douel
Design & Production Assistant: Flore Fockedey
Structure realisation: GSF Events
Translations: Iso Translation & Publishing
Graphic design: Éma September
Printing: TAVU
Voices Audioguide FR: David Scarpuzza et Alice d’Hauwe
Sound Audioguide FR: Thomas Raa
Voices + Sound Audioguide NL: Jan Ducheyne et Emma Ducheyne

THINK EAT: Urban Alternatives is an exhibition conceived and produced by Ohme, in collaboration with BIGH and Inforsciences.