Tales of Entropy spring tour

 Tales of Entropy, in its final version with electronic musician Roméo Poirier, is embarking on a European tour this spring.

With our microscope mounted on stage, we explore the microscopic world, turning the changing patterns of organic materials into a visual and musical journey. This performance combines polarized light microscopy, image analysis, and generative music to explore diverse contrasts and textures, through a sensitive exploration.

Catch the show in Leuven, Brussels, Den Haag, Barcelona or Sankt Vith !

16,17,18 March 2024 | Leuven (BE)

Art & Science Parcours at Stuk
Part of FTi and& 2024 Festival

21 March 2024 | Brussels (BE)

PILAR House for Art & Science
! show + artist talk !

06 April 2024 | Den Haag (NL)

Rewire Festival

09 April 2024 | Barcelona (ES)

Mutek Opening night w/ Autechre

13 April 2024 | Sankt Vith (BE)

Meakusma & ArsVitha at Corso Cinema

Tales of Entropy is produced by Ohme with the support of :
Région de Bruxelles-Capitale – Innoviris and Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles