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Nicolas Klimis

Development Director

Nicolas Klimis is a cultural entrepreneur, engineer, arts producer and musician born in Brussels, Belgium. After graduating as a materials science engineer in Brussels in 2013, Nicolas left for London to pursue a master in arts administration and cultural policy at Goldsmiths, University of London. His profound passion for music has led him to work for the European Union Youth Orchestra (London), as a Creative Europe partnership coordinator and for BOZAR (Brussels), as a music producer. In 2016 Nicolas co-founded Ohme, where he now serves as development manager for Ohme Studio, for which he develops a strategy for the production company, finding new project opportunities, fundraising and following production.

Raoul Sommeillier

Development Director

Raoul Sommeillier is an engineer, a cultural entrepreneur, a scientific researcher and an artist manager. His curriculum and career translate a deep desire to break the boundaries between disciplines and a strong need to combine his many interests in various fields. He holds a double master degree in engineering specialized in mechatronics, an advanced master in technological & industrial management and an upper secondary teaching certificate in engineering sciences. As a PhD candidate in science education specialized in didactics of applied sciences, his researches focus on higher education students’ preconceptions and learning obstacles in scientific fields. He’s also a teacher in electricity and electronics, an artist manager and an amateur musician. He’s co-founder and development manager at Ohme, more specifically in charge of Ohme Academia, the pole entrusted with research, science sensibilization and education.


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Camilla Colombo

Curator, Artistic Director

With one foot in curation and in art production, and one in cultural policy, Camilla worked in Italy, UK, and Belgium. Always interested in hybridization and crossing of disciplines, Camilla served in art organisations of all sizes as well as with independent artists, focusing on multidisciplinary and multimedia productions. She is co-founder of Saloon Brussels, a network for women working in the art scenes as curators, artists or journalists, as well as in galleries, museums or universities. 

Gwen Sauvage

Project Manager

Gwenaël Sauvage is a former business engineer graduated at the Solvay School of Economics and Management (Brussels) in 2017. He started his professional career as a strategy advisor for the Ecole polytechnique de Bruxelles, allowing him to strengthen his skills in data analysis, problem-solving and decision-making. After a two years mission, he joined the Ohme at the beginning of 2020 and fulfilled his will to work among a dynamic team in a field he believes in.



François Bronchart

Ohme Lab Manager

François is a mechatronics engineer who left a career of power electronics in the space industry to start a co-creation and engineering consulting activity for the non-profit and artistic sectors and for small companies. He joined Ohme in 2020 as technical advisor for the κῦμα artwork in the context of the exhibition Order of Operations at Bozar, and currently works as technical expert and developer for Ohme Lab.

Guillaume Schweicher

Associate Researcher

Guillaume Schweicher is a FNRS Research Associate at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a visiting scientist at the University of Cambridge. He received his Master in Chemical Engineering (2008) and Ph.D. (2012) from ULB, followed by post-doctoral appointments at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge and ULB. His research interests aim at developing novel organic and hybrid semiconducting materials for a greener and more sustainable electronics. For him, microscopy images are bridging the gap between science and art, intriguing and leading to reflection. Since October 2019, he started to interact with Ohme on the establishment of art and sciences contents in accessible, educational and interactive formats. Some of his shots have been presented during the exhibition .IMG | des images qui se regardent and Order Of Operations. So far, the most notable outcome from this collaboration is the realisation of the audiovisual performance Tales of Entropy, staging the irresistible beauty and poetry of an organic compound changing its physical state in a thermal gradient, under polarised light.



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